NGBAStay Home, Stay Healthy

April 14, 2020by Mark

Hello NGBA family,

We certainly hope this finds you all in good health and in a safe environment. Mark has been home and has been on “lock down” since early March , practicing social distancing working on the next NGBA event and leaving  home when it is absolutely necessary. I on the other hand don’t stay home due to being a first responder.

We are looking adversity in the face and this will affect us all differently. It’s important to check in on each other in an effort to uplift and bring light during unpropitious times.

We never could have imagined a world without sports! We are still scheduled to host the 30th Anniversary of the Coady Roundball Classic LGBTQ Basketball Championships, along with the postonded World Pride Basketball Tournament on October 2-4 in Chicago.  Keep monitoring the website for updates.

In a desperate attempt to take our minds off of the conspicuous pandemic, please spend time with your loved ones, learn something new. As we continue to practice social distancing guidelines.

The use of technology can be useful for us to continue to interact as officials.

The Band app and NGBA facebook allows you to communicate with the NGBA basketball community, so feel free to post photos, videos, your favorite shirts, tournament moment, even your favorite city we’ve played in and a simple challenge.

Sport has always provided the country with a healing process after tragedy.  And, usually the hardest hit areas had tremendous success following the tragedy.  Here are a few examples that I can recall. The New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl following Hurricane Katrina in 2009.  When the tornadoes of 2011 devastated Tuscaloosa and other parts of Alabama, Alabama won the national championship that year.  In 2013, the Red Sox won the World Series following the April Boston Marathon bombing. In 2017, the Houston Astros won the world series following the flooding of Hurricane Harvey.  Although they didn’t win the World Series in 2001, the New York Yankees were defeated by the Diamondbacks in game 7 following the tragedy of 9/11.

Other than quality time with family and loved ones, basketball is a positive outlet for a lot of us. One year ago this week the NGBA held the Coady Roundball Classic National Championships in Los Angeles at the Mamba Sports Center. Seems so long ago.

May you all stay safe, healthy and AT HOME so we can get back to the world as we know.

Darius Binion Tournament Director, NGBA