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Resources and experience at your disposal.

  1. Find a place to play. You should try to contact your county or city and ask them if you could use the local gym at your nearest schools. Usually, they’ll allow it.
  2. Decide if you are going to have one division or several. For example, recreational, co-ed, competitive, etc.
  3. Look for some volunteers who are also interested in what you are doing. try to get a minimum of 4 to 10. This will be your board
  4. Schedule meetings and discuss the plan of what needs to be done.  Example.. do you need insurance? advertisement? …You need to vote on getting this done. Decide who will be the Chairperson, Co-chair, Secretary, and Treasurer.
  5. Set up a meet and greet at a local meeting place. Hold signups at an LGBTQ center, Sports bar, home etc, Pride events.
  6. Create a website! work with the NGBA to create a league website for your league.
  7. Look for sponsors. Usually, some of the players have a business or friends. Usually, a local LGBTQ bar or restaurant will sponsor.
  8. Set up open play.  Once you have a list of players set up an open play date.
  9. Hold a draft.  Once you have enough players registered, hold a player draft at a local sponsorship bar, home or LGBTQ center.
  10. Create a schedule. Usually schedule a minimum of 10 games in the season (such as once per week).
  11. Look for some volunteers. Scorekeepers, stats keepers, trainers, coaches.


We are a competitive/recreational organization - for LGBTQ players around the world


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