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The NGBA’s women’s division is open to all players that identify as female.

The NGBA hosted the inaugural women’s tournament on January 26-27, 2018 in Austin Texas and the division was hosted six teams and the players represented Austin, Tx, San Francisco CA, Los Angeles CA, Boston MA, NYC, Houston Tx, Seattle WA, San Antonio TX, and Houston  Tx.

Thanks to the dedication of volunteered Brad Hayden for giving his time to make this division a reality.
The WNGBA director is Dianna Prince,  please reach out to her for more information on open play and tournaments.

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SF Foggers
ATX Elite


The first out and proud inclusive National Women's basketball group.
The NLBA is open to all LBTQ and allies players regardless of experience, skill or ability. This Includes wheelchair basketball players.
Here you will find a place to play in leagues and on tournaments teams.
Together we will work to build local organizations, and build stronger leagues for a more inclusive community.


We are a competitive/recreational organization - for LGBTQ players around the world


@NGBAUS@NGBAUS - 3 weeks

Photo by Herald Kane Team Boston Shamrocks Sports Plus Cincinnati

@NGBAUS@NGBAUS - 3 weeks

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