Tournament News2015 NGBA Tournaments.

November 8, 2017by Mark

The NGBA currently has the following sanctioned events scheduled for 2015.
The San Diego Hillcrest Classic January,
The 25th Anniversary Coady Roundball Classic April
The, long-awaited, Dallas Texas event October.
NGBA is partnering with CCETV to broadcast the Hillcrest Classic through a live online stream

NGBA was founded to end the era of poorly organized tournaments hosted by self-serving organizations that used the basketball community as a fundraising opportunity. Tournaments have been canceled due to competing events or the lack of having the organization of simple getting a gym permit. NGBA is here to ensure that the LGBT basketball community’s interest is looked after and protected. This is why NGBA sanctions tournament to avoid competition. Cities have to wait a long time to host a tournament since the NGBA schedules tournaments more than a year in advance. The 2014 Boston Tea Party Classic waited nearly 1.5 years. The upcoming Dallas event set for October 2015 will be 2 years in the making.

Anyone can get a gym. Anyone can get referees. But nothing can replace the feeling of being with the best competition, and seeing everyone together as a community even if that community has only one thing in common, Basketball. By splitting the membership, the tournaments will be less than they should be. The Gay Games and Out Games is a perfect example of how a split in the gay athletic community has hurt everyone. Having three basketball events on the same weekend is a guarantee that at least one of the events will be a complete failure and a new example of what basketball was like 10- 25 years ago.

NGBA members are free to attend whichever event they choose. But remember to choose wisely, LGBT basketball does not have the numbers of teams needed to support three events on the same weekend.

Over the last 9 years, NGBA events have been a success because the events have been about the game of basketball. San Diego too will be about basketball, plus the events that go along with it.

The Hillcrest Classic tournament registration fee is the lowest tournament fee since the beginning of the NGBA. With an early $100 registration deposit teams are guaranteed to pay between $375-$400 if the deposit is made before November 15th. Book the host hotel at the Sheraton for $99 4ppr, incl wifi and parking.