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We are a LGBTQ basketball community that provides a safe and welcoming place for players to be who they are and play the game they love.


With a membership of 1000+ players the NGBA is able to offer a have a high level of competition in four divisions

The National Gay Basketball Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is an integrated and all-inclusive organization dedicated to providing the LGBTQ  community and its allies with a well-organized, supportive and welcoming sporting environment. We are committed to uniting athletes, communities, and cultures on and off the court while promoting national and international competition, providing health education and access to play the game.


The NGBA provides the LGBT basketball community with the opportunity to learn and develop basketball skills to play the game.

You are not alone. The NGBA is an OUT in the open organization, visible to show you are not alone. Through the NGBA,  you can be who you are and play the game you love. LGBT basketball offers a safe and welcoming space for anyone that wants to learn and play the game of basketball.

The NGBA offers underserved LGBT communities the resources needed to start open play,  start league play, and access to tournaments hosted by the NGBA.


The National Gay Basketball Association (NGBA) is an LGBTQ sports organization which exists to promote gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender athletic participation in basketball.

Founded in 2002 by Mark Chambers, who also co-founded the Los Angeles based Lambda Basketball League, to help LGBT players create city leagues, travel teams, and to allow individual players the ability to find a place or team to participate in LGBT basketball events that are held around the world.

The organizational board, consisting of Mark Chambers, Ted Cappas, Jeff Hermann and Rob Smithermann, helped NGBA incorporated in May 2005.

The NGBA has seen great growth since 2003 membership has grown to over 1000 players and more than 100 teams registered on the NGBA site, and more cities being represented at LGBTQ basketball events.

NGBAOUR Directors

The NGBA team has a proven track record of success in producing and hosting LGBT basketball events and forming LGBT leagues.

Founder / Interim PresidentMARK CHAMBERS

Mark founded the NGBA in 2002 to organize LGBT basketball on a national level. He began playing LGBT basketball in Long Beach ’89. On February 28, 20123 Mark stepped down as president of the organization.



Jason became the VP on February 28, 2023. He began his service to the NGBA in 2007 and again in 2020. Jason is the president of Lambda Basketball as will as an assistance coach for a women’s college. 


Executive Director Michelle King

Michelle was introduced to the NGBA during the Gay Games in Paris 2018. She has offered her services to the NGBA as Executive Director  and bring a great deal of experience to the position. 



Darius brings a background non profit finance to the NGBA. Darius has been a volunteer for the NGBA since 2013 after attending a tournament the Hurricane Classic in Fort Lauderdale FL.


Board Member /Compliance OfficerNaomi-Antrelle Jones