Tournament NewsRoad to the National Championships Format Announced.

November 2, 2023by Mark
Want to be a real National Champ?

Road to the National Championships

What to know!

While the NGBA designates one of these tournaments as the National Championship, it appears that winning this title holds little significance within the community. Therefore, there is a need to reconsider and revamp the current structure to make winning a National Championship more meaningful and impactful for NGBA participants.

Beginning in 2024, the National Gay Basketball Association (NGBA) is introducing a new and exciting format for its tournaments. NGBA teams will now have the opportunity to participate in regional qualifying (RQ) tournaments, with the top four finishers in each division earning a guaranteed spot in the prestigious National Championship.

Notably, the registration process for these RQ tournaments will undergo a significant change. Teams located in close regional proximity to a specific RQ tournament will be given a priority early registration period. This allows them to secure their spots at the thier RQ tournament in advance. Following the conclusion of the early registration period for local teams, the registration will be opened up to teams from across the country that have completed the non refundable RQ registration for their regional tournament. This ensures that any remaining slots in the divisions are filled, creating a diverse and competitive field of participants.

This revamped structure promises to enhance the NGBA tournament experience by providing a clear pathway to the National Championship, while also promoting regional participation and inclusivity in the LGBTQ+ basketball community.

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