BasketballNGBATournament NewsNew Tournament Format in 2021-Seven Volunteer leaders needed

November 18, 2019by Mark

In order to make this format a success, we are looking for seven dedicated and motivated individuals to volunteer and learn how the NGBA plans, organizes and runs tournaments, and to commit to running one of the divisional events in 2021. The NGBA is a volunteer organization; i.e., no one is paid. This will also be the case with the divisional leader positions. However, entry fees will be waived for organizers that also want to play in the tournament they are running. Other perks will be addressed during the interview process. Apply here.

The new tournament format in 2021. Starting in the spring of 2021 the NGBA will host two all division events (the National Championships Coady Roundball Classic, and one other) and three divisional tournaments for A and B+, B, and B-, C and D. Each divisional tournament will take place on separate weekends and in separate cities.

The NGBA has grown at a fast pace and the events have gotten larger and larger. Although this is a wonderful thing, the issue is the availability of venues that can host large NGBA events in one location and that are suited for our basketball community. The last three tournaments are perfect examples of the long distances that players and supporters had to travel from the gayborhoods to the gym; the venue locations have been pushed further away from city centers and away from the gayborhoods, but we wanted to make sure that all interested teams were able to participate.

The proposed format, starting in 2021, will help the NGBA build a strong succession plan that will strengthen and enhance the quality of the NGBA as an organization. It will also give divisional teams an opportunity to spend more time together and build comradery within the group.

The NGBA has three board member positions open in 2020. These positions are also volunteer positions and are open to those individuals interested in working with the mission of the NGBA, which is focused on bringing LGBTQ basketball to underrepresented communities, including trans players. Please note that both volunteer positions are open to individuals regardless of whether they play basketball or not.

The NGBA will only be as strong as the people running it. Please, if you have a skill that will ensure that the NGBA succeeds now is the time for you to step up.