The NGBA began as an all-gender league for athletes to play the game they love; for folks of all gender expressions, sexual identities and their allies to compete together. Divisions were organized by athletic experience and players registered themselves in the division that they felt comfortable competing in. In 2023, organizers saw an opportunity to engage more players and formed the Women’s+ division, however creating separate divisions can create the opportunity for exclusion. In the spirit of inclusivity, a trans player policy was drafted. The intent was for players to register in the division that best fit their needs. We regret any harm, confusion or feelings of exclusion created by that policy. We acknowledge that in our community, the language we use is constantly changing, so we need to remain aware of these shifts in order to keep our communication current with our values. To ensure that our policies reflect our values, we will review our policies annually.

Transgender, non-binary, and gender expansive players are encouraged to register in whatever division they would like to compete.

Thank you for supporting the NGBA and our athletes.


NGBA Women’s+ Brooklyn East Coast Classic

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Event Schedule


Early Arrivals Meet Up  TBA


Player Credential Event  TBA


Game Day Schedule:

Tournament Pool Play 9AM-6PM



Game Day Schedule:

Championship 10AM-4PM

Closing Celebration  TBA


Past Tournaments

WeHo West Coast Classic



The NGBA hosted a Women’s+ division at the Austin Capitol City Classic January 26-27, 2019 in Austin, Texas. The division hosted six teams with players representing Austin, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, NYC, Houston, Seattle, and San Antonio.


ausitn women2
SF Foggers
Austin 2019
ATX Elite


Contact NGBA Women’s+ Commissioner Dianna Prince   for more information on tournaments.


The first out and proud inclusive National Women's basketball group.
The NLBA is open to all LBTQ and allies players regardless of experience, skill or ability. This Includes wheelchair basketball players.
Here you will find a place to play in leagues and on tournaments teams.
Together we will work to build local organizations, and build stronger leagues for a more inclusive community.