BasketballPlayersBasketball on the SEA

January 28, 2018by Mark

The first NGBA basketball tournament on the sea was an amazing experience. This event highlighted the motto “More Than Basketball” as playing the game was truly just an excuse for us to be together.

The trip began with a before dinner cocktail party that featured an open bar and tasty canapes that allowed the

players to spend time chatting and getting acquainted. Following the opening reception, the attendees strolled through the ship to the dining room where they enjoyed more laughs, each others company, and tasty food. The dining area was reserved for the group which made for a very intimate dining experience during the trip

The nightlife gave the players an opportunity to show their stuff on the dance floor amongst the mixed crowd. And yes they had everyone watching (Julius and Elverick) cut it up. The DJ kept the energy high all night long.

As the players prepared to play on the first day at sea it was clear that an unbelievable experience was about to happen as the first LGBTQ basketball event on the sea was about to start. The ship announced the game was about to begin and the passengers came out and watch the game. Teams were split by coast East vs West.  The East came away victorious.

On day three the ship arrived in Cozumel Mexico and the group split up to take on the many adventures offered on the island. Some went on the tequila tour, others went shopping and to beach playgrounds. There was something for everyone and most made it to dinner that night.

The nights were filled with entertainment, LGBTQ happy hours, dancing, the casino and more food.

The last day at sea proved too much of a challenge to play the games on Sunday. The wind blew the ball in all directions which made it impossible to play. But that did deter players from throwing the ball in the wind and trying to knock down a shot.
Following the final day of play, many of the players met at the Johnny Rockets all you can eat restaurant and, well just ate.

The event was a great experience for all those involved and many are looking forward to the next event.