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Open A Divisions

  • R & B Divas


  • Missing 9 teams for divisions listing

Competitive + (B+)

  • NYC Ruff Ryders
  • SoCal Ballers
  • DirtBagz

Competitive (B)(B-)

  • Hollywood Blindside
  • Seattle Freeze
  • Flatline 2.0
  • Boston Snacks
  • LA Nightmare
  • Austin Fire
  • Texarado Bros
  • Ohio Fusion
  • Atlanta Shade

Rec (C) / (D)

  • SLC Hardwood
  • Boston Shamrocks
  • Peach Impact Hoopsters
  • DC wRECkShop


We are a competitive/recreational organization - for LGBTQ players around the world


@NGBAUS@NGBAUS - 1 month

The NGBA is pleased to welcome Vice President Joe Lannan.

@NGBAUS@NGBAUS - 1 month

Welcome to the NGBA organization

@NGBAUS@NGBAUS - 1 month

Welcome to the NGBA organization.

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