Tournament NewsMoving NGBA to the Next Level

October 12, 2018by Mark

NGBA will add intern staffing to game day operations in 2019. Starting at the January 26-27 tournament held in Austin. NGBA will hire four sports management interns to assist in running gay day operations

NGBA Founder and President Mark Chambers stated, ” that running tournaments with a skeleton crew have not allowed the NGBA to create a better player experience.”  and “believes having a dedicated staff will help events to run a smooth.”

The NGBA committed to low-cost events and offering volunteer grants to players that may have a financial hardship. But lately, volunteers have not been available leaving the tournament weekend work to two or three people.  “The quality of tournaments are getting better, yet the workload is also getting larger.”, says Chambers. Chambers also said that “the working grants will still be available because not having the financial means is not an excuse to not participate, players just need to contribute their time.”

Another major change will be the addition of paid score/clock and live stats keepers. The game scoresheets have not done correctly. This lack of caring affects the integrity of the games and the end result. This change will take place in conjunction with the live stats hosted by Spaulding.

All three of these enhancements will raise the cost of player registration, but the player experience will be enhanced.