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Fashion is a big part of the gay culture, and, believe it or not, just as big in the NBA. Our host Scott Ureta takes us down the runway with two new guests, discussing the new NBA city jerseys and the hot, or not so hot, fashion choices of NBA players themselves! Host - Scott Ureta Special Guests - Aaron Batts and Charlie Sanders Director of Photography - Vince Secrease Producers - Scott Ureta, Garet Lamb, and Vince Secrease Editors - Mike Bennaton and Vince Secrease Special thanks to: Dave Meagher, Aaron Batts, Charlie Sanders, and Sam Zoda

NGBA Terms and Conditions (“Agreement”) Expectations of Membership: Membership in this organization is critical to the operations and goals of this organization. Member associations, their individual members, and volunteers or staff members of the NGBA organization are expected to adhere to the common set of expectations. Conduct: Each Member Association is expected to adhere to...



We are a competitive/recreational organization - for LGBTQ players around the world


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RT : How do you say Happy Birthday to someone who has been wrongfully detained for 243 days?

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RT : On this we are thinking of all our members’ mental health and especially that of our sister, BG. She ha…