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November 18, 2023by Mark
NGBA Leadership  November 2023

The Leadership Team

In September 2023, the National Gay Basketball Association (NGBA) experienced a significant leadership shift, with founder and former president Mark Chambers assuming the role of interim president. Chambers has committed to serving in this capacity until the conclusion of 2023, after which the Board of Directors will convene to select a permanent president. This change, though challenging, was deemed necessary as the NGBA had veered off course. In the past three months, the organization successfully realigned with its mission, prioritizing the execution of tournaments.

Under new leadership, the operations team achieved a notable milestone by securing contracts for 2024 events four months ahead of the first scheduled event and a full year before the National Championships. This proactive approach demonstrates a commitment to organizational efficiency and planning. The NGBA, revitalized and refocused, is poised for growth and advancement in 2024. The mantra “Strive – Thrive – and Change Lives” encapsulates the organization’s renewed dedication to its mission and the positive impact it aims to make in the gaming community.