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April 5, 20150

EVENT DATE: Apr 05, 2015



At 6’4, 250lbs, Charles was a gentle giant who embodied loving kindness. Everywhere he went, he carried with him a beaming smile, one that could melt ice cream. He had a strong love and passion for music, reading and traveling. He was an adventuresome spirit, having lived in NY, Pittsburgh, SF, St. Louis, Chicago and Phx. Of all the places he visited, Paris, France was the city Charles loved most. He was many things to many people, a mentor, a dear friend, a loving brother and uncle, a colleague and a sports fan who loved the game of basketball. The joy he received from these hobbies was surpassed only by his love he had for family and friends. Read More

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We are a competitive/recreational organization – for LGBTQ players around the world


@NGBAUS@NGBAUS – 1 month

NGBA Players at the Gay Games Paris

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Salt Lake City Registration  –

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Open play basketball will take place on Sunday, July 29th from 3 pm to 5 pm at West Catholic High School Philadelph…