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A total of 198 members of the NGBA took part in a 4-day vote to select the cities that will go head to head in the final round of voting to select the 2018-2019 tournament season. 

First up in 2018 is the Coady Roundball Classic XXVII (crc) and the city of Detroit, City of Austin and the City of Atlanta were the choices up for selection. Early on in the voting, Atlanta held a three-vote lead over Austin at the end of day two 69 to 66. Detroit, the new city on the list, struggled to compete but managed to end with 24 votes after the 2nd day. The final day of voting did little to pick a clear winner for the 2018 CRC. At the end of day four, Austin held a one-vote lead over Atlanta, 85 to 84. Although Detroit ended with 27 votes, these members will determine which city gets the CRCXXVII in 2018.


The 2018 fall locations that were up for a vote were Portland Or, Denver Co, Seattle Wa, Salt Lake UT and Tucson AZ.  From the graph, one would think, Portland was the hands down favorite, but that is not the case. Portland received 78 votes, while Denver received 45 and Seattle received 43. Salt Lake City and Tucson received 17 and 14 respectively. With the 2nd and 3rd place cities being so close in the scores a decision will be made as to how best address who will make it into the top two for the final vote. 

The cities up for the 2019 Winter event are Houston Tx, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Oklahoma City. Early in the voting saw Houston running the table. That quickly shifted to Los Angeles by the late afternoon. Los Angeles ended with 84 votes ended with a double-digit lead over Houston's 64 votes. But all is not lost for Houston as there is a total of 48 votes that went to Phoenix and Oklahoma that could make up the difference in votes to select the 2019 host.  

This is just the beginning of the membership voting on future tournament location. Soon you will have a chance to select divisional and regional locations that will bring more basketball to you and your part of the country. We are working to make the LGBT National Championship something special through greater tournament participation.  

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